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Color grading and DCP

Color grading, by a colorist from our network of professionals , takes place in our dedicated room of 35m2. Enjoy the immediate viewing on a 24'' screen or directly on our projection screen of 3.65m wide. Imaginastudio also offers the realization of DCP from your digital masters .

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Marketing and Management graduate of the prestigious ‘Ecole Hôtelière Lausanne’ (EHL), Arnaud worked as Brand Manager for LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) before deciding to commit himself entirely to Imaginastudio as producer. Since 2005, he has produced all Imaginastudio’s short-films.
Pascal discovered the art of show business through magic shows. He then became passionate about cinema and went on to study film-making at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). In 2005, he founded Imaginastudio with Arnaud Gantenbein, a production company specialized in genre films and entertainment.
Programmer at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival, Beatrice has a Bachelor degree in Film Studies and teaches film history at Athenaeum. After several years of experience in film journalism, she shifts from reception to production by joining the Imaginastudio team in July of 2015.
Julien Nicaud is a versatile creative who has worked as a DA in a number of design agencies. He provides Imaginastudio with boundless enthusiasm and energy as a filmmaker, as well as editor and storyboard artist.
Passionate about video since as long as he can remember, Thibaud first tries his hand at the media by creating ski and snowboard films. He then decides to turn his passion into his job. A media interactive design degree in hand he joins the Imaginastudio team in January of 2014 where he works on creative stage of production, from shooting to post-production.
Orane has always cultivated an acute interest for art and creation. After finishing high school in arts, she starts an apprenticeship as mediamatician. By integrating imaginstudio she has been able to develop and harmonize her creativity and technical abilities.
Since she was little, Amanda has been passionate about all forms of art, from drawing to video. As an internationally renowned DJ and music producer, music obviously plays a very important role in her life. She joined Imaginastudio as a trainee Interactive Media Designer in order to specialise her skills in VFX and sound.


Imaginastudio Sàrl

Rue des Côtes de Montbenon 6
1003 Lausanne

+41 21 624 70 00

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For ethical and legal reasons, we do not accept submitting of scenarios, processing, or film ideas via e-mail. Please contact us prior to submitting anything.

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